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  • When God Whispers Loudly

    By beccacerra83
    The title for this book couldn’t have been better! This short, but powerful story did more than just open my eyes, it brought me to my knees with conviction! When I was scrolling through the free book section, I asked The Holy Spirit to show me what He wanted me to read and the moment I saw the title, I knew this was the one. God has many ways He communicates with us. Sometimes it’s through Scriptures, or dreams, visions, a feeling, or through other people. And sometimes it can be through finding a random free book on an iPhone at 3:30a.m! His still, small voice is always there because He will never leave us or forsake us. We just have to learn to be still and listen. He’ll guide us through our short time on earth if we let Him!
  • InshAllah

    By Ja've Faith
    Thank you Chris for this story. Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate the voices we hear. But God is always willing and where there is a will there is a way. We are given so many chances to follow His light and I can’t even begin to explain how much of a Blessing that truly is. I love you Father and Son, I love you Chris, I love everybody that reads my review and the book, and I wish you all the very best in life. May you all prosper and make the children of the sky proud (:
  • So powerful

    By Rachelrgs
    Makes you take a step back and be quiet and listen.
  • A pure gift

    By Adam13802
    Read it. Share it. Live by its messaging through Jesus as we are citizens of Heaven.
  • Excellent read

    By Sandy2020!
    Running across this title at the moment I needed it was right on time. The dream or should I say the whisper was amazingly shared .. Lord thank you for the whispers and please help me to hear each one.
  • Excellent

    By vianey martinez 18
    Great short story! The lord is king
  • Just what I prayed for!!!

    By shepherdraul1
    After all day disagreeing with my possible future business partner, and seeing how everything was in the verge of crumbling. Stressing and thinking how hard I’ve work and now could all be gone. Going home and in the middle of the night woken up by my wife for she was in pain and vomiting. Taking her to the E.R. Just to be told moments later that she needed surgery. I prayed God give me something and this was the first book in the free section in the book app for Apple. My answer, “thank you God for showing me that you are in control and showing us what really matters”. YOU, Jesus Christ my one and only sustainer, strength and provider. You will always lead us to the right path, and show us the important things in this short life. THANK YOU!!!! A must read to all who have somehow lost the sensitivity of listening to that beautiful small still voice!
  • Lesson

    By Laranzo Q
    Yeah good lesson interesting delivery. It is a short story though so of course it had to get straight to the point. What is it for a man to gain the world but to lose his soul? Yup.
  • Great😊

    By TomTom the Wise
    Excellent short read!! Meaningful and more than motivational. I wish there was even more to read. Loved the perspective and detail!! Honestly as a god fearing man it was a eye opener. Simply wonderful!!
  • Motivational

    By da beasttttttmode
    This book helped me understand god is always here to help me and that he’s trying to help and we’re being to ignorant to here god sacrificed his son’s LIFE for us I think we should at least sacrifice our TIME for him.